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An SSL on any modern-day website is a must. The peace of mind provided by the ‘little green lock’ in the address bar of your browser is invaluable – especially if you have an online shop or e-commerce system.


However – not all SSL Certificates are created equal and it can be extremely confusing knowing which SSL Certificate is best placed on which type of website.


iOnline’s hosting experts will explain the key differences between the different types of SSL Certificates and which will suit you best.

Buy SSL Certificates

Domain Validated SSL + Professional Installation

Perfect for small to medium-sized websites
on a single domain.

$199 for 2 years


Domain Validated SSL
Compatible with All Websites
Professional Installation
Professional Setup including Redirects


WildCard SSL + Professional Installation

Perfect for enterprise websites with
multiple sub-domains.

$499 for 2 years​


WildCard SSL
Compatible with All Websites
Professional Installation
Professional Setup including Redirects

What Is An SSL?

Have you ever noticed that some URLs start with “http://” while others start with “https://”? Perhaps you noticed that extra “s” when you were browsing websites that require giving over sensitive information, like when you were paying bills online.

But where’d that extra “s” come from, and what does it mean?

To put it simply, the extra “s” means your connection to that website is secure and encrypted any data you enter is safely shared with that website. The technology that powers that little “s” is called SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

Why Do I Need A SSL?

Your website needs any SSL certificate If you’re asking for any personal information. But that’s not all there is to it. Search engines are cracking down on perceived ‘non-secure’ websites and even going as far as to hinder the search engine rankings. Google recently announced SSL is a ranking signal, so unless you have SSL your site will be harder to find, impacting on your traffic and revenue.


Any websites without the SSL certificate will remain http while those with encryption will show https in users’ browsers. Chrome, Firefox and other browsers have began issuing warnings that non-https sites are insecure. Browser vendors are making it easier for visitors to your site to see that it is not secured.

How Can iOnline Help Me?

iOnline is not only a top-tier web development firm but also provide you with 

Industry Standard SSL Reseller

iOnline is a preferred reseller of all the top brands of SSL including Comodo, Geotrust, Symantec and Sectigo. We have a long history with the SSL wholesalers and are able to provide you with the best possible price.


Easy Renewals and Billing

iOnline has a bespoke system of identifying when your website hosted with us will have it’s SSL expire. No more expired SSL’s and ugly ‘Insecure Web Page’ messages.

dedicated Resources

Professional Installation

iOnline is able to professionally install and configure SSL of any type into your website. Our team of experts is able to modify and configure your website to take full advantage of the newly installed SSL.

I Have A Website but Need a SSL, Can You Help?

Yes! For each of use and management including SSL monitoring, iOnline recommends that your website be hosted with us too – however we can also assist you with any SSL problems your website has.

Talk to an SSL Expert today and get your site secured.