Premium WordPress Hosting

At iOnline, we understand that industry-standard website hosting and WordPress security go hand in hand. A secure hosting platform and a secure website application are required to work in tandem to ensure your WordPress-based website remains online 24/7 and operates without issues. As a result, we developed the Premium WordPress Hosting Package and have combined our two most popular hosting support plans into a single service for our customers who want simplicity of service and billing.



Crafted for Medium Professional WordPress Sites



3GB Web Space
5 Email Accounts
10GB Traffic
LiteSpeed Caching
Patched By An Expert



Crafted for Medium Professional WordPress Sites



5GB Web Space
10 Email Accounts
20GB Traffic
LiteSpeed Caching
Patched By An Expert



Crafted for Large
Professional WordPress Sites



10GB Web Space
50 Email Account
30GB Traffic
LiteSpeed Caching
Patched By An Expert

Why Professional Hosting?

iOnline already offers an excellent value for money Basic WordPress hosting package – however there are mission critical WordPress based websites that have a large number of complex Plugins that require manual patching. These Professional WordPress Hosting packages are ideal for small to medium sized business who require in depth support and technical advice.


Our Professional Hosting packages are all allocated double the CPU and RAM resources of our standard packages.

Manual WordPress Updating and Patching

There are many tools and third party plugins available for WordPress that can faciliate the automated patching of WordPress Core and Plugins for you. However, if an update fails – this could leave your website in a broken of vunerable state. This line of WordPress hosting packages is designed to give you peace of mind by having a WordPress expert manually backup your website files and databases, and then patch the site and finalise this process by testing the website’s core functionality.

What Is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed is the newest website acceleration technology available at iOnline. It allows your WordPress based websites to be displayed to your customers in a fraction of the time as traditional WordPress optimisation plugins. The expert team at iOnline have refined and configured this technology and can integrate it into any WordPress based website for optimal website performance which will increase SEO and customer retention.  The WordPress Professional Hosting packages have double the resources of other WordPress Hosting Plans

Premium WordPress Hosting

Included Additional Benefits of Premium WordPress Hosting

Your website loading time is important, more important than you think. Search engines use this website rendering time as a key factor when deciding in which position to place your website. Additionally you customer’s won’t wait around for a website to load when your competitors loads instantly – this is particularly important when it comes to websites that are built on complex and power hungry platforms like WordPress. iOnline has developed a premium hosting solution that we recommend to all our customers who value search engine optimisation and quick loading times.

Free SSL for your Hosting Lifetime

By using the Let’s Encrypt technology, iOnline will secure your website with SSL for free for the life of your hosting with us. Note that ecommerce websites will require a commercial grade SSL.

Monthly WordPress Hardening & Security Audit

Your website will be analysed, patched and updated by our experts once monthly and a detailed report sent to you about what we did. This ensures your website is kept up date and running as fast as it can. Valued at $55+gst per month.


LiteSpeed Caching Installation

iOnline’s team of web server experts will install and configure LiteSpeed Caching Plugin into your WordPress based site for optimal performance.

All Australian Shared Hosting

All of iOnline’s hosting is housed here in Australia. We have Datacentre’s around Australia including locations such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. All our servers use the in


24/7 Monitoring

All of iOnline’s hosting platforms come with 24/7 monitoring. We can also offer all our clients page and transaction monitoring. Talk to us today.


Latest PHP/MYSQL For Optimal Performance

The very latest versions of PHP and MySQL are used on all our server platforms. This means your WordPress based website will run as fast as it can. You also have the option to downgrade to any PHP version should your website require it.

Industry Standard Uptime

All of our iOnline hosting platforms have an industry exceeding standard of 99.9%. All of our platforms include CloudLinux which means that your website’s security is increased.

Reliable Backups

All of iOnline’s hosting platforms have nightly snapshots meaning we can revert your website files, databases or emails at any point. All of our backups go back for 14 days and we can arrange any type of backup plan you might need.


Blazing Fast SSD Based Servers

All of iOnline’s premium hosting offerings have the very latest in hardware technology to ensure you website is performing at it’s peak. All our platforms utilise SSD based storage for blazing fast delivery of your website.

WordPress Hosting Done Right

At iOnline we introduced the Premium WordPress Hosting packages as we understand that industry-standard website hosting and WordPress security go hand in hand. A secure hosting platform and a secure website application are required to work in tandem to ensure your WordPress-based.

To find out more about our Hosting offers, contact one of our consultants today.