Basic WordPress Hosting

At iOnline, we understand that industry-standard website hosting and WordPress security go hand in hand. WordPress has become the world’s leading website management tool and iOnline are the experts when it comes to developing WordPress based websites and providing WordPress Optimised Hosting. All of iOnline’s WordPress Optimised hosting packages are designed for speed and security to ensure your website is always online and fast for your customers.



Crafted for basic WordPress Sites



3GB Web Space
5 Email Accounts
10GB Traffic
Self Patching



Crafted for professional WordPress Sites



5GB Web Space
10 Email Accounts
20GB Traffic
Self Patching



Crafted for advanced WordPress Sites



10GB Web Space
Unlimited Email Accounts
50GB Traffic
Self Patching

What Is WordPress and Why Do I Need Special Hosting?

WordPress is the world’s most popular website management system. It allows you to easily update your website’s content and manage all the information. Depending on your requirements, it can also accommodate online store, course systems and much more.

Because of the intensive nature of these system, basic website hosting is likely to lead to a less than optimal experience for your customers.

Self-Patching WordPress

WordPress is a great platform – it affords a lot of flexibility with a huge variety of plugins but this does come at a cost. WordPress and the installed plugins must be regularly maintained and kept up date for speed and security purposes. iOnline’s Basic WordPress hosting package comes with automated self patching of your site meaning you can focus on other tasks rather than the complicated process of keeping your website up to date. Talk to us today.

Included Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, all of iOnline’s hosting plans come with these amazing extras.

Free SSL for your Hosting Lifetime

By using the Let’s Encrypt technology, iOnline will secure your website with SSL for free for the life of your hosting with us. Note that ecommerce websites will require a commercial grade SSL.

Automatic WordPress Updates

We automatically patch your wordpress site and plugins to keep it secure and as fast as possible. Never worry about patching your website again.


Blazing Fast SSD Based Servers

All of iOnline’s premium hosting offerings have the very latest in hardware technology to ensure you website is performing at it’s peak. All our platforms utilise SSD based storage for blazing fast delivery of your website.

All Australian Shared Hosting

All of iOnline’s hosting is housed here in Australia. We have Datacentre’s around Australia including locations such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


24/7 Monitoring

All of iOnline’s hosting platforms come with 24/7 monitoring. We can also offer all our clients page and transaction monitoring. Talk to us today.


Latest PHP/MYSQL For Optimal Performance

The very latest versions of PHP and MySQL are used on all our server platforms. This means your WordPress based website will run as fast as it can. You also have the option to downgrade to any PHP version should your website require it.

Industry Standard Uptime

All of our iOnline hosting platforms have an industry exceeding standard of 99.9%. All of our platforms include CloudLinux which means that your website’s security is increased.

Reliable Backups

All of iOnline’s hosting platforms have nightly snapshots meaning we can revert your website files, databases or emails at any point. All of our backups go back for 14 days and we can arrange any type of backup plan you might need.

WordPress Hosting Done Right

At iOnline, we understand that industry-standard website hosting and WordPress security go hand in hand. A secure hosting platform and a secure website application are required to work in tandem to ensure your WordPress-based.

To find out more about our Hosting offers, contact one of our consultants today.