Your Website Can Now Load Faster with Our New WordPress Hosting

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make or break an experience that a customer has with your brand. When it comes to operating online, it means having a website that performs as it should – especially with regards to load time. Users become frustrated if a page doesn’t load instantly and won’t hesitate to leave your website for a competitor. If your website isn’t loading fast enough, it could be costing you clients and tanking your search engine rankings as search engines consider website loading times when ranking websites.

If you’re like many of our clients, the reason that your website is slow to load is that it’s built on a complex platform that needs optimisation. WordPress is one of these platforms, and it’s estimated that it powers an estimated 32% of all websites on the internet. We’ve taken note of this and have developed a premium hosting solution that prioritises quick loading times and SEO on WordPress. Here are some of the key benefits:

Monthly Check-Ups – We examine your website once a month, identifying problems that may exist and fixing them. You’ll get an in-depth report, so you can understand how your website performs and that it’s working as fast as it should be.

Mail Separation – Separating your email platform from your website allows your website to perform better. Some hosting platforms combine email and website hosting, which can slow things down.

Limited Number of Sites – As hosting providers we limit the amount of the websites we support, instead of taking on as many websites as possible. An overburdened system could slow down your website’s performance.

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While the above factors will improve your site speed, we also offer the following benefits:

Improved Backups – We’re able to do more comprehensive backups more often. We cannot think of a better way to give you peace of mind.

Free SSL – While this doesn’t increase your website’s loading time, an SSL certificate does offer your customers peace of mind. It protects sensitive information such as banking details, usernames, passwords and confidential documents. With an SSL certificate, no one can read this information except the server.

Ready to leave slow loading speeds behind for good? Contact iOnline today to have your website hosted with us under our new premium package.

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