WordPress 5.0 : What Is It? How Will It Effect Your Business?

WordPress is one of the world’s top open source content management systems, with 30% of all websites powered by WordPress. It makes website creation and management easy, and its customisable free and paid-for templates enable even amateurs and tech newbies to create impressive sites.

WordPress was started in 2013 and has been upgraded several times, and the team recently announced that WordPress 5.0 is on the horizon. While no release date has been revealed yet, it will probably be available by the end of the year.

What To Expect From WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is no mere upgrade, and the TinyMCE Editor, framework and back-end have been completely changed. The way content is rendered is also different. Unfortunately, the new platform may not be compatible with your plug-in and apps, and will only work if your website runs WordPress 5.0 with iOnline. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of skepticism.

GUTENBERG WordPress editor plugin is replacing the TinyMCE Editor – and be warned that it looks nothing like its predecessor. In fact, it doesn’t look like any text editor you’ve ever used before – no button for bulleted or numbered lists, etc. Instead, you drag and drop content into image and text boxes, which many say will make creating rich web content simple. The aim of these boxes is apparently to enable users to build full content layouts.

WordPress 5.0

Advantages of Gutenburg

  • A wider screen space makes for a less distracting workspace.
  • If you’re a beginner, the interface will be easy to use.
  • Developers of plugins and themes will be able to build custom boxes easily and quickly.
  • You’ll enjoy excellent responsiveness and full-width template designs which will make editing fun and easy.

Disadvantages of Gutenburg

  • Some users may find it very difficult to adjust to the new interface, especially if they’ve been using the older WordPress editor for some time.
  • Backwards compatibility for plugins and themes will be problematic.
  • Once you’ve upgraded to Gutenburg, there’s no going back.
  • Responsive columns aren’t supported – yet.

There’s been a lot of controversy about how current WordPress users will adapt to the more complicated new interface. There’s a valid fear that unless users do the necessary research to understand the editor, they won’t be able to get the most out of Gutenberg and many sites will be abandoned or moved to other platforms.

Front-End Editor

There will be no horrible surprises with the Front-end editor for making changes on your phone or other mobile devices. It will clearly be WordPress’s front-end editor of choice for some time to come, which is great because it’s faster and lighter than many others, including Visual Composer, which has been a popular front-end editor plugin for some time.

Security Updates

New security plugins have been created for WordPress 5.0 to protect users against cyber-attacks and data breaches. The introduction of SSL Certificates, application passwords, security keys and one-time passwords have all contributed to improving security for site owners and users.  However, any site is vulnerable as hackers are continually working on new ways to breach the defenses, so it’s best to get professional help from iOnline to secure your site.

Mobile Optimisation

WordPress 5.0

WordPress authorities are working hard to improve mobile optimisation for both developers and users because this has been an issue for some time and has cost the platform users immensely. Mobile optimisation is therefore expected to be more responsive in WordPress 5.0. Making quick updates via your phone should be simple going forward as well – hallelujah for that, right?!

Quality of life improvements

There are other ways WordPress 5.0 will make life a little easier for its users going forward. One of these is the ease with which you can change your website’s background image. Instead of having to download it, crop it to size and then upload it again to your site, you can now do this in WordPress.

If all these changes seem overwhelming, there’s no need to panic. When WordPress 5.0 is released, don’t rush to upgrade if you aren’t sure what the new version will do to your website. Remember, once you’ve migrated to this version, there’s no going back and many of your plugins may not be compatible.

Get in touch with iOnline and our team of WordPress experts will do a managed back-up of all your data, update your site and test it fully to minimize any risk of data issues or security risks. We can also train you and your team to get the most out of WordPress 5.0. Call us today and let’s make sure your website is future-ready.

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