Why You Should Carefully Analyse Live Chat Before Signing Up

Website interactivity is as important as having a website today. It’s not just about being able to present them with images and information – it’s about being able to answer their questions and answer them right now. To catch the attention of a potential customer before they lose interest, it’s vital to leverage on the ability of live chat options to provide users with as much information as they need to buy your products or services in real time – whether it be via a desktop computer or mobile device. Which live chat option is best for you? Here we explore the various options and their differences.

LiveChat Inc.

This is a live chat that pops up instantly when a website loads. Here, users can ask an operator specific questions and get all the answers they need. Speedily resolving a customer’s concern does wonders for customer satisfaction and improving the perception of your brand. You’ll get graded at the end of each chat, so you can always work towards improving your grade. LiveChat comes with a 30-day free trial option – which is worth it to find out if it will work for you or not. After that, you have to decide on a paid option – billed annually or month to month.


Tawk.to works similarly to Live Chat but is a completely free option. Tawk.to takes as little as one minute to set up and allows you to review your chats and analyse how well you’re performing. It can be easily integrated with WordPress and Joomla sites, as well as other website platforms.

Apex Chat

With Apex Chat, they train their agents to handle your chats, so you don’t need to have employees dedicated to doing so. You save on cost in this way, but it’s a service you do have to pay for. However, you only pay for qualified leads – meaning there’s no monthly or annual subscription. Apex Chat also allows for Google My Business and Facebook Integration – so there’s wider engagement and greater opportunity to capture leads. It also works 24/7 so a user will not get a message to contact you during business hours only. Whatever options you are mulling over, iOnline can help you get going with them. Speak to us to assist with making your final choice.

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