Why It’s Best To Stay Local When It Comes To Web Hosting

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Web hosting is often not prioritised as much as it should be, with many people merely opting for the cheapest web hosting solution without giving it much of a second thought, and instead focusing on website SEO and aesthetics.

As a professional website hosting company on the Gold Coast, we have been offering our hosting services to businesses in Brisbane for many years, and we have found that working with local businesses has many benefits, including:

Businesses That Are Hosted By Local Web Hosters Load Faster

Making use of a local web hosting company will give you much faster loading speeds. This is because when a visitor loads your site, your site data needs to travel from the hosted server to the visitor’s browsing device. Shortening this distance speeds up the loading time, and encourages potential customers to stay on your site. Website and individual page loading speed is incredibly important, having the power to affect the customer and potentially deter them from purchasing your product if the page does not load in sufficient time. Loading speeds can also ultimately affect rankings in search engines and is a determining factor in the execution of a successful SEO strategy.

The difference between a fast loading website and a slow loading website might be where you decide to host. A key benefit of hosting locally is that you know exactly where your hosting provider and servers are located which allows you to be confident that your website will load quickly for all users that are searching locally.

Local Web Hosting Has Benefits For SEO

Google ranks websites based on their relevance to the search terms, and local searches are often more closely matched to local IP addresses. Having your website hosted locally improves your chances of connecting with local, potential customers, and ranking higher when it comes to Google searches. Using a local web hosting service will ultimately boost your local SEO, making local hosting incredibly important to those who offer local services.

Support A Local Business

By supporting a local web hosting company, you’ll be supporting a small business within your community. It may even end up being owned by someone you know or a friend of a friend. When you choose locally, you are ultimately helping your community thrive through elevating the local economy and creating jobs. Local networking and local business support are more important than ever. Boost your local economy by supporting a local web hoster for your web hosting needs.

Better Customer Support

By using a local web hosting service, you will receive high quality customer support that can be explained to you in terminology you understand with no timezone barriers and so on. A local customer support team will better understand the needs of a local customer base.

Local companies have the time and resources to put more energy into you and your business. By selecting local web hosting for your business, you are making it easier to access quality customer support at any time of day or night. Local hosting providers endeavour to ensure that each customer receives a first class, exceptional service experience whilst also being provided with unsurpassed one-on-one personalised support to resolve any issues that arise.

Larger companies deal with a  much broader customer base which can result in longer wait times and unresolved problems. Instead of being treated like another number, choose a local web hosting service to attend to your business needs and requirements. Be rest assured that a local web hosting provider will never be too busy to answer your questions, concerns, or fix any problems that you may be experiencing.

Let us look after your Web Hosting needs today!

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