Why Call Tracking Is Crucial For Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a critical part of promoting your business, and most businesses have a detailed marketing strategy they use to generate leads. Depending on your goals and type of business, this will include various advertising campaigns such as a billboard on a busy intersection, a pay-per-click campaign and Facebook ads. If you want to know your ROI on these campaigns or tell which ones were more successful than others, you’ll need a call tracking tool.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking can get confused with caller identification – when in reality they are direct opposites. Caller identification shows the unique phone number allocated to the person calling you. With call tracking, however, you see a unique dialled number. For example, if a business has a PPC campaign and a Facebook advert, there will be different phone numbers allocated to each campaign, with both forwarding to the same line. Therefore, the person on the other side of the line will be able to track which campaign has spurred a lead to make the call. Call tracking provides valuable information on which campaign is bringing in the most leads.


Call tracking is a valuable tool for a business’s marketing strategy. Yes, your campaigns are generating leads the way you wanted them to, however, call tracking indicates which campaigns your audience responds to over others. It compiles data which allows you to maximise the return on your investments, so you don’t waste money on campaigns that don’t bring in results.

call tracking

Real-Time Results

Call tracking will separate each marketing campaign from one another, including the same campaign on different platforms. Therefore, not only will you be able to see which ones are more successful than others, but it will provide insight into which platform reach more of your targeted audience in real time. As calls come in, you’ll be able to compile the data that this tool provides. With real-time information coming in, you can adjust, rearrange and reallocate resources immediately instead of waiting for it to end.

Comprehensive Caller Info

Call tracking compiles information about the caller. Their name, phone number, call duration and location are logged, which provides more information about prospective leads.

It’s important to realise that you can use call tracking in any marketing campaign. Whether you’re using printed ads, radio, television or social media, if your call to action encourages making a phone call, it’s going to be useful to you. It’s simple to use and provides valuable information that you can use to maximise the success of your marketing campaign. Interested in learning more? Then contact iOnline Today.

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