Why an Abandoned Cart Feature Can Increase Your Sales

A Sale Cycle report shows the latest global cart abandonment figures (April – June 2018) at 75,4%. That means that less than 3 out 10 potential clients actually went through with online shopping transactions in this period. Red alert! How do we manage this problem? If you add a cart abandonment feature to your website, you stand a greater chance of salvaging some potential losses. The iOnline team compiled this blog to help you understand some causes of cart abandonment and the value of having an abandoned cart feature on your website.

Why Do Customers Abandon Online Shopping Carts?

One of the most prevalent challenges in e-commerce today is cart abandonment. Sometimes potential customers go through all the steps to buy a product but desert the mission at the last minute. There are many reasons why people decide to leave a chosen item, such as

1.Unanticipated Additional Costs

Withholding important information until the last minute is a show of bad faith. Make sure your clients know what to expect from the onset. If your website isn’t upfront about shipping costs, tax and other additional expenses, the likelihood of cart abandonment becomes higher. People will trust your product more if they know what to expect from the word “go”.

2.Inconveniences in Your Website

If your website is too slow, not user friendly, or your check-out process is too lengthy, you stand the risk of losing customers along the way. Nobody wants to jump through fire hoops for an item that they’ll be spending money on.

3.Security Concerns

Identity theft and fraud are major concerns in the modern world. If potential customers don’t trust your website with their credit card details, it’s likely that they’ll abandon the cart.

abandoned cart

What You Can Do to Manage Cart Abandonment

You can install a plugin, such as Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce to help you recover up to 30% of earnings potentially lost to deserted purchases. This software helps websites counter cart abandonment by automatically tracking orders that have been left incomplete and sending strategic emails to remind potential customers of the purchase in progress.

The function is easy to use and enables your clients to finish what they started at the touch of a button. The emails stop going out once the transaction is complete, so there’s no worry about clients feeling harassed.

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