Top Tip: Increase your Website’s Speed with a Content Delivery Network

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The Internet is a borderless marketplace, where everything from food to personal assistant services can be procured. An ever-increasing demand for this market means developments take place rapidly, which can leave your website lagging if you don’t pay attention. The expert team at iOnline helps clients improve their websites and even build new ones from scratch every day. Over the years, we’ve come to experience the use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) as one of the best ways to increase website speed.

Defining the CDN

The abbreviation “CDN” refers to a collective of servers that operate from different locations in a joint effort to deliver online content faster. CDNs can’t act as replacements for web hosts, but they boost website performance through storing data in network edge devices. This approach to content storage is called caching and it can be used for various types of online content.

Some popular media-rich platforms that use CDNs include online entertainment company, Netflix, social media site, Facebook, and online store, Amazon. From images and videos to JavaScript files, html pages and more, content can be transferred swiftly through this method.

Top Tip: Increase your Website’s Speed with a Content Delivery Network, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

The Benefits of Using CDNs

  1. Quicker Loading Speed

As mentioned earlier, CDNs cache information to avoid the need to repeatedly load the same thing with each request. Because each piece of content requested by a user is loaded and stored for future use, loading speeds improve with time. Whenever the same request comes up again, the pre-cached file is brought out and delivered to the user at a higher speed.

  1. Opportunities for Improved SEO Rankings:

Usability and speed are some of the factors that contribute towards your SEO ranking. If your website demonstrates improved performance, you’re more likely to appear closer to the top of search engine results.

  1. Reduced Bandwidth Costs:

One of the main expenses that comes with having a website is the web host cost. Through caching and the distribution of server requests, less loading is required, and requests don’t bombard the web host simultaneously. This requires less bandwidth, thus reducing costs.

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