Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing

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2020 isn't done yet..

So, 2020 was a strange year, to say the least. It started with fires, then floods, then the pandemic followed quickly by the great toilet paper shortage and all the while Australian businesses have been hit by lockdowns and uncertainty like never before.  Let’s be honest 2020  just plain sucked and that’s why you need to look at online marketing. 

Let me explain why marketing and SEO Services are what you need in 2021.

We have seen some businesses pivot and change direction in more ways than one, we have seen traditional brick and mortar businesses change their business models to embrace using new technology and online marketing for the first time to keep from going under. What do they say, “Adversity breeds opportunity” it also breeds creative innovation and we have been reminded of this time and time again this year.

If your business has been struggling. We’ll take a look at how moving more of your advertising and products online might be a wise choice.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many business owners have realised the value of online marketing. As it not only keeps them getting new leads,  it also helps with increasing revenue.

In the year 2020, almost 95% of small or mid-sized business owners have started investing in online marketing.

Also, a survey stated by RetailDive, approximately 87% of buyers have started searching for products online instead of physically available in the store, and 87% is vast market size, and to not be a part of it can result in ultimate loss.

So, if you are still in the dilemma of investing in online marketing or not? Then you must check out this article. It will clear all your doubts, like;

  • What should be the starting point to ensure reaching the targeted-audience?
  • Is it possible to achieve the goals without wasting much money, time, and effort?
  • What are the best methods to apply and get real-world results?
  • Which online marketing tactics will prove to be more beneficial?

And more such questions, as diving more in-depth, you will get to know about everything as well as about the proven tactics and the services offered for small businesses by online marketing.s

Why is Online Marketing Becoming Crucial?

Because having an online presence and a website makes your business look more appealing and trustworthy to your customers.

Online Marketing enables small businesses to connect with their customers online because it is easier for customers to reach out and see what they need directly from their homes’ comfort.

Moreover, it is a less complicated task and a quick purchasing process with various choices, making it comfortable for your targeted customers.

There are many online marketing tactics and strategies that can help you connect with your consumers individually. Some of them are:

  • Creating engaging content.
  • More focus on organic marketing.
  • Developing CTA attractively on your website.
  • With leads coming in, build a list of targeted email IDs.

These are some of the tactics you must definitely apply to build the customers’ trust. Therefore, any small business type can use these tactics as their trump card for expanding their business.

Which Online Marketing Service will Prove out to be the Best for Small Businesses?

At times it can be quite challenging to enter a marketplace where other big brands of the same niche with more time, money, and marketing strategies are already leading the market.

But even if you are starting today you can also develop robust processes that help build a substantial business reach.

There are multiple services offered by online marketing, such as:

  • Content Marketing Techniques
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Advertisements on various social media platforms
  • Google My Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Conduction of Webinars
  • Publishing blogs or articles daily
  • Joining the local business groups
  • And many more

Using all these services carefully with a thoroughly planned team will help conquer the marketing world and help your business grow from traditional techniques to digital ones.

Where to Invest Money to get Maximum Profitable Results?

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency


Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is a process of improving the quality and the quantity of a website by increasing the website traffic of a web page to its users of a search engine.

SEO usually targets different kinds of searches, such as image search, video search, content search, and more with specific SEO tactics.

An SEO investment should always be considered as fund manager including the allocation of the budget.

Without a proper allocation budget to invest in, you won’t focus on any other resources. Therefore, among the 200+ ranking factors offered by Google, always focus on the top 2-6 factors that have the maximum capability to drive positive results for your business.

It is not always about how great your idea is but the heights to which it can create an impact on your audience.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

AdWords and Facebook Advertising

Many paid search advertising channels increase the leads, generating more sales and brand awareness.

There are many such platforms such as Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, AdWords, Youtube, and even more. Among all these options, about 85% of advertisers choose Facebook and Google AdWords

Both these acquisition channels are best in their ways, helping small businesses to grow. Advertising on Facebook and AdWords can be somewhat similar to the advertisers on both these platforms are initially promoting their business online.

However, paid search helps small businesses find new customers using trendy keywords, paid social help, and allows them to find companies and products they are mainly interested in.

Therefore, if you include a display, images, videos, search and several other essential tools to achieve your business goal, AdWords is the real option for you.

But, if your product contains something new and needs to be introduced in front of your audience then Facebook Ads are what you should opt for. It helps you attract the users and provide them with a brief detailed description of what you are mainly trying to sell.

Thus, both have their benefits but they gradually benefit the small businesses to reach for their ultimate goal.

What is the Perfect Method to use Online Marketing?

Small business marketing may include many offline local methods to expand their business. Still, a healthy portion of benefits leading to expansion can come from the online marketing strategies that rapidly maximizes the sales on today’s date.

There are mainly five areas of online marketing that leads to the growth of your company. Some of them can be important also to local and offline businesses while they are most effective with online businesses. They are as:

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Local Search Marketing

Local or location-based marketing mainly includes website optimization for search results and merges with the search engine function of maps.

This is mostly done with Google, where your business or company will be listed with your mapping and address information. It gives your customers detailed information about your establishments such as your phone number, website address etc.

Also, using the customer service line it will help them to decide whether they want to purchase your product or service or not.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Content Marketing

This is an essential strategy as it gives the customer information about your product or service and provides all other information in general.

Every business tends to sell something, but very few can provide adequate information to obtain sales.

Content marketing in today’s economy is done with articles and several other forms of information given on your business website.

Your content should be creative, new, merely detailed, with a tendency of excitement leading to purchase.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can be termed critical for small businesses. It provides you with a chance to compete with the much larger companies using several tactics and strategies trying to make their visibility in search engines.

As customers use search engines to find products online and locally, your business company needs to grab a high place in the search results using the words related to what mainly you are selling.

This is also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO therefore can make your website visible to those looking for your product every time they use the search engine.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is vital for small businesses, whether online or offline, as it is all about building a detailed list of potential and existing customers with their respective list of names and emails, which are mainly interested in your business and your related products and services.

A business owner knows that because they have themselves opted into the list.

As a specific future updates on products with giving away coupons etc. were promised to these customers, thus engaging them to get themselves on the list.

Many market professionals consider this medium to be in the long run and is regarded as one of the essential small business market strategies issued in the long run.

Small Businesses Should Be Investing In Online Marketing, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be tricky as all use it but mainly for the small business companies, it can be a little complicated to merge it with their business.

The type of platform that needs to be used primarily depends upon the type of business you have. Small businesses should always be in touch with their potential customers giving them each and every news and update regarding their products and services.

This is an essential aspect of social media, which is basically to strengthen the customer base to accomplish and repeat sales.

Final Thoughts

The online marketing channels, their strategies and efforts right from SEO to email campaigns can be expensive and time consuming to work well for small businesses, but is completely necessary as it serves as a critical bridge link between small businesses and their audiences.

As small businesses plan to assign the online marketing tasks and hire for certain specific digital roles, small companies can also make the most out of their small budget with an excellent in-house team.

Eventually, online marketing provides a straightforward way for small businesses to differentiate between a growing confusing digital sphere.

Interested in Online Marketing for your business?

We would love to help you boost your business. Schedule your free 30-minute strategy call where we’ll go over your business goals and discuss how we can help you accomplish them using digital marketing. Please fill out your details below and we will get back to you shortly.

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