New IReach Autoresponder Templates Are Now Available

New iReach autoresponder templates are now available!

Those of you who use our powerful iReach email marketing platform will be happy to hear that a series of newly designed autoresponder templates have just been released, and to tell you the truth, they are pretty groovy!

Essentially each autoresponder typically includes a series of three emails but you can customise them however you like.

Email 1 – Thanks for subscribing opt-in confirmation email

Generally there is a double opt-in process when you gain a new subscriber. This will confirm their subscription to your list by clicking on a link in an email which has been sent to them when they initially sign up.

Double opt-in emails have a much higher engagement level so it is a great suggestion to set up your subscriber to this double opt-in list.

Here is an example of the new template:

Email 2 – Welcome Email

Once you have gained your new subscriber you should welcome them.

This welcome email is proven to be really effective. According to Marketing Sherpa the average open rate for a welcome email is a whopping 50%. Also subscribers that receive a welcome note show 33% more long term brand engagement.

By doing this you can extend the life of your subscribers by making that first friendly impression and is a must for any new subscriber to your list.

Here is an example of the new welcome templates:

Email 3 – Unsubscribe confirmation email

As many of us are aware, there sadly comes a time when people no longer want to receive your emails. We have to remember we cannot take this personally, your ultimate goal is to ensure you have a highly engaging list and it is best to only send emails to people who are interested.

Always remember, you still may be able to retain their interest through social media channels.

Why not add a little humour into these emails? Leave your subscribers smiling, will deliver a lasting impression and may have them reconsider your business in the future.

If you are already a current iReach member these features are already available in your account. If you have yet to experience iReach for your business, click here below to sign up for a free 30 day trial account.


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