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Beaudesert Frames & Truss

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Over the years, time and time again, we have encountered many a trade business who had created a website for their business years ago, and then just forgot it.

The effect?  The structure of that website rapidly got out of date for the changing search engine ranking requirements, and the lack of effort toward ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) meant missed opportunities.

The result? Poor organic search engine rankings which make the business difficult to find online by potential customers.  Leading, of course, to fewer email leads, fewer phone leads, and a business not performing at its best.

And what we have also encountered is that sometimes, groups of similar businesses—direct competitors—have been equally neglectful of their websites.  This gives way to the opportunity for big and rapid improvements if just one among these updates their website and SEO.

How we are able to help

This was the case recently with our customer Beaudesert Frame and Truss, a Brisbane-based manufacturer of engineered, termite treated wall frames and roof and floor trusses. They took the opportunity to update their website and kick-start an SEO program with us. And they have reaped the reward of substantially more business leads in only four months.

“The competitive advantage of a well-constructed and managed website cannot be understated”, said Jason Deacon, Managing Director of iOnline.  “Maintaining a website which meets the ever-changing requirements of search engine algorithms which determine rankings needs continual attention.  You can’t just build it and leave it.”

“Besides, if a website looks dated, it doesn’t represent your business well, and potential customers are likely to use a competitor if they have a better perception of their website than of yours.  This may seem harsh, but oftentimes, it’s how things work.”

How did we help them do this? We upgraded their old website to a newly designed WordPress site which is structured to be easily scanned by search engine robots from Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find key information, assess the content and promote its organic rankings. It is also built to be easily optimised.

Stefan Jeannin, SEO Specialist at iOnline said “After we built the new website for Beaudesert Frame and Truss, for the SEO component, we identified several core keywords which their customers search for and optimised their website for these.”

“Before we began work, the business appeared on the third or forth pages of organic searches for those keywords.  But in just the first month after implementing the new site and SEO program, we achieved results on the first page for all but one keyword. That was an extremely rapid time frame to obtain such a result.”

Proven results with a structured approach

Fast forward to just four months later, and the business is organically ranking at the first position of the page one for five of the 15 + Core Keywords we targeting. We also increased organic search traffic by 89.11%. 

“Once you have your leads, it is of course up to you and the representatives of your business to provide great customer service, quality service and products and competitive prices to convert leads to customers.  But it is the opportunity for more of your target market to come to you that your website can help with enormously, and where we can help make a difference” adds Deacon.

At iOnline, we are confident we can achieve similar results in any industries where the competition is yet to invest in a well-structured website and ongoing SEO program. But regardless of how crowded and how sophisticated your competitive field is, we know we can still make a positive difference.

Do you think your business could benefit from a new website and structured SEO to help reap great results? Contact iOnline today on 1800 466 546 to find out how we can build you a website that will rank well on Google, Yahoo! and Bing and help to boost your business.

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