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AdWords Or As Its Now Called Google Ads: You’ve Heard Of It, But What Is It Really?

In a few years, the world wide web will turn 30.

In those near-three decades, the internet has brought about the inception, rise and domination of digital marketing, an entity that has since been put to powerful use by businesses large and small the world over. It’s a landscape ever-evolving, and one that’s forced the likes of radio, newspapers and magazines into the advertising history books. But just as the landscape of advertising has modernised, simplified and improved, so has your audience. So how do you take full advantage of this? Read on to learn how Google has addressed some of the shortcomings of traditional advertising, and in turn provided a comprehensive and highly accessible platform for businesses like yours.

When you’re right in front of your audience, it’s hard for them to look away

Start by thinking of yourself and how much you use Google to find products and services, and start to realise that your audience is doing exactly the same. The reality is, a significant portion of your target market is looking for your products or services through Google – Every. Single. Day. Advertising using Google Ads not only places you directly in front of potential customers, you are now visible to them at an integral point in the buying cycle: just as they are ready to book, buy, sign up or otherwise commit. No other form of advertising allows you to target someone so specifically in this crucial stage of the of the purchase decision. So put yourself in front of your next customer – you’ll be impossible not to notice.

Google Ads

Specific is terrific… and cost-effective!

Why waste valuable advertising dollars targeting people who aren’t interested in your product? When advertising with Google, specificity is key. Because Google Ads is based on keyword searches, we’re able to guarantee that your ads will only be shown to people who are actively searching for the product or service you are advertising.

We start by placing an ad that is designed to show when a specific combination of keywords is entered as part of a search term. For example, if you are a barber in Robina, your ads can be set to show when someone specifically enters a search for “barber in robina”. You’re now targeting potential clientele about as accurately as you possibly could be. By targeting people who are already searching for you, your potential success is far greater. Now compare that with those bus stop adverts or radio commercials you’d been considering, and realise how much more sense Google Ads makes as part of a modern, cost-effective marketing strategy.

That has to be expensive, right?

You might think utilising a highly customisable advertising platform that allows you to specifically target people who are searching for you would be costly, but this isn’t necessarily true. By using Google Ads formerly named AdWords, you won’t pay a cent unless someone actually clicks on your ad – no matter how many people view your ad, you will only ever pay when someone clicks it. This amounts to an approach to advertising that presents very little risk as opposed to other advertising platforms. Because Google Ads operates on a cost per click basis, you are able to place an ad with virtually no obligation; if no one clicks on the ad, you don’t pay a cent.

Be sure to check out our next article in the Google Ads series, detailing just how customisable Google Ads really is, and how this customisability can help you achieve even greater level of success in marketing.

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Google Ads

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