How to Measure the Success Of Your Live Chat Service

The modern-day consumer is not only demanding, but also tech-savvy. Combined, these two qualities mean that they expect to be able to contact your brand and get an answer 24/7 and that they expect you to offer them many platforms on which to do so. With an effective CRM and live chat portal on your website, you can provide customer services to anyone around the world in real-time. This service is more convenient for the consumer, as they can get an instant answer to their query without having to phone or email. It’s an asset to your business when it works. However, how do you know when it’s working? Here are four ways to measure the success of your live chat.

1. Number Of Chats

Typically, a higher volume of chats between consumers and the customer service team indicates that you’re addressing more customers’ concerns. It also indicates that the operators you’re using are efficient in their ability to handle many customer service requests at once. If you see a spike in customer service requests, this could mean that there is a lack of information on your website, or that the knowledge base of your live chat is insufficient.

2. Response Time

When customers visit your website and engage with the live chat, they expect an immediate answer – usually within one minute. That’s not much time, but if consumers are waiting longer, your live chat team either isn’t fast enough, or they’re handling so many chats that some requests are falling through the cracks. Once you fix your response times, you’ll immediately pick up requests which haven’t been concluded. When you lessen the number of abandoned chats, you’ll have happier customers.

3. Resolution Rate

Your consumers are engaging with the live chat because they’re having trouble or are confused with a service you provide. A significant way to measure how successful your live chat service is to review the rate of resolutions. How often are your consumers assisted? The reality is that the more satisfied customers you have, the fewer you’ll lose.

4. Conversion Rate

In any business, you have one goal – generate more leads, convert them to paying customers and increase your sales. How many leads are converting to sales? Your percentage of conversions is an excellent way to see if your live chat team needs soft-skills training or in-depth sales training.

live chat service

These are just a few ways you can measure the success of your live chat service. It’s also a great way to gauge how your audience feels about your products and services, and if it’s successful, you’ll see a significant return of investment with more sales and happier customers. Need help putting such a system into place or troubleshooting your existing live chat service? Then iOnline can assist. Contact us today to get started.

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