How To Create or Claim Your Google My Business Listing

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Create a Listing on Google My Business

So we will take you through a few ways on how to create or claim your Google My Business Listing.

In case you’re a brand-new business or an existing business but not sure if you have a listing on Google My Business (GMB).

Start by performing some general searches.

  • First, do a basic Google search of your “Business Name” + “City” to check whether you can trigger a branded Knowledge Panel.
  • Also, do a couple of searches in Maps. If you had previous Business Names, Addresses, or Phone Numbers (NAP) then search with those variations as well. It is possible that a GMB Listing could exist under past business information.
      • Business Address or
      • Phone Number or
      • Business Name + City
  • Another option is to go into Google My Business, add a business, and type in the business name to see if anything comes up. The only issue is, if there is an already existing listing that you didn’t catch, you potentially run the risk of creating a duplicate listing.
  • If you can’t trigger a branded local Knowledge Panel or any Maps results, then you will need to sign up and create a new Google My Business listing. Follow the steps Google provides to create the listing and verify your business information. The two most common verification methods are either by phone or by a postcard (mail).
  • For some select businesses there is an option to verify their GMB listing instantly via Google Search Console or email. Based on your business category – the verification options will be determined by Google, in some cases allowing you to select your preference.
  • Once the listing is verified, the information goes live and you can start utilizing additional features.
Create your Google My Business

Claim or Verify a GMB Listing

  • If you search for your business name and a GMB listing comes up, but you don’t own this listing – then you are going to have to claim ownership of it. For some business owners it seems absurd that a listing can exist without them having created it, but any Google user can create a listing. Therefore, it’s important to take control of your information and claim or verify the listing. When a listing is not verified there is a greater chance for incorrect details being published.
  • Controlling your business data and showing up in search results are the main reasons why you want a GMB listing. However, there are a few additional features you can access when you have a verified listing. An unverified listing means no access to: GMB posts, the ability to respond to reviews, access to the questions & answers of the business, direct bookings, or messaging.
Claim your Google My Business

Requesting Ownership of a Business Listing

  • If you have discovered that your business has a verified listing that already exists, but are not the current owner of the listing, or does not know the current owner of the listing, you will need to have to request ownership of the listing.
  • To request ownership of an already existing listing, you will need to to fill out a Google Form. You can find the instructions in this help section which are broken down by type of business (storefront, service area, etc.).
  • You will receive an email confirmation of this request, noting that it will take up to 7 days to process (ensure that you keep this email). Sit tight and wait until the 7 days have passed. After which you will either be provided access or denied access.
  • If denied, you will receive an email that states: “Your request to access [Business Name] on Google My Business was rejected.”
  • There should be an option at the bottom of the email you received that gives you an option to “Appeal” the decision. Clicking on this link will take you through steps to verify the listing and take it over. In most cases it will be via phone or postcard verification. In some instances, there may be a request for more information.
Google My Business questions


  • If a listing has been created and verified via a bulk-feed, then ownership will get a little bit more complicated. The request ownership process will not work the same way, instead, you will need to become a manager of the listing. This requires that you know who owns the listing or verified it in the first place. If you’re a franchise, it’s very likely that the corporate head-office has ownership of the listing. In these cases be sure to get added as a Manager to the business listing which will grant you full access.
  • Tip: If you are at a total loss for where to start when trying to figure out who owns the listing. Re-trace the steps when you first tried to claim ownership of the listing. Before filling out the request form there is a little message that says “verified/owned by xyz…”. If the email address is connected to your business (generally determined by the domain name), you should be able to get in touch via that email address to request access as a Manager.
verify your Google My Business

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