Google Ads: Advertising Tailored To Your Business – Find Out How

In our last article, we introduced AdWords, Google’s cost-effective advertising offering that allows you to put yourself in front of your target market – right when they’re ready to buy. Given the recent change to the AdWords name (henceforth, it will be known simply as Google Ads), we thought it an opportune time to revisit Google’s innovative ad platform and offer up some more of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you begin to advertise with Google.

Measurability & customisability that are second-to-none

Think about television advertising, or placing an advertisement at a bus stop, or even on a bus itself. These types of advertising can be tempting, because they often allow you to reach a large number of people within a short time frame. But there’s a downside: while these options may provide the ability to reach a mass audience, any means of targeting a specific segment of that market is totally absent. Beyond that, advertising in this manner is costly, your results will be difficult to measure, and the ultimate success of your campaign just can’t be accurately tracked.

In comparison, the Google Ads platform gives you the ability to target specific demographic groups and offers unprecedented levels of customisation – all for a fraction of the cost of what you would have spent on plastering your business name on a bus. Why would you contribute your precious advertising budget on advertising that isn’t measurable? Google Ads allows you to track a number of parameters, from impressions and clicks to conversions and phone calls. You’ll easily be able to discover which ads aren’t quite appealing to your target market and those that are, which ads are costing you the most and which the least. From that information, the experts at iOnline are quickly and easily able to implement changes designed to decrease spend, increase reach, appeal to a different market segment and much more. This can all be done on the fly, with updates and changes going live instantaneously – no delays, just results.

Removing barriers between you and that next lead

In other forms of advertising, there is a degree of effort required on the part of the potential customer in order to act upon an ad they may have seen. In certain cases, they would have to remember the name of the business, a phone number or email address, or the specific service that was being advertised. This is all assuming that the person who has viewed the ad is even interested in what is being sold in the first place.

In short, the more steps your potential customer must take before they’re able to enquire, the higher the chance they’ll become distracted, overwhelmed or simply forgetful; put simply: the more barriers you place between your business and its potential customers, the less likely they are to enquire. Google Ads removes these barriers and makes the enquiry process as easy as possible for your potential customers, therefore increasing the chance of that customer converting into a lead. Ultimately, very few forms of advertising make this process so easy and limit the number of barriers quite like Google Ads does.

Advertising with a goal in mind

Traditional advertising, such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines, is incapable of drawing a distinction between an advertiser looking to generate traffic, or one simply looking to make the public aware of their brand. These static, general-purpose ads cannot tell who is actively in the market for whatever product they’re selling, and who might be just passively sitting there. Put simply, they’re not goal-orientated. With Google Ads, not only do you have the ability to target a particular segment of your market, but you are able to target this segment at a particular point in their purchase decision: just as they’re ready to buy. This kind of goal-orientated advertising adds yet another layer to the customisability of the Google Ads experience.

Google Ads

Excited by the potential of Google Ads to accelerate the growth of your business and drive you more sales? Be on the lookout for our next post and discover what makes iOnline the very best choice to manage your Google Ads campaign.

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Google Ads

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