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Mobile App Development for Android

Google Android Apps

Android apps can be used for any number of purposes, from displaying price lists to staff in the field, tracking time, operating as a mobile storefront for your business, or simply pushing news and special offers to your subscriber base.

Google’s Android operating system is gaining ground rapidly, both here in Australia and overseas, with a smartphone market share of over 60%. Android devices already outnumber iOS (Apple) devices and with Samsung, HTC, Sony and other leading device manufacturers favouring Android, this trend is likely to continue. As such, if you’ve ever thought of building an iPhone app for your business, you should also consider having an Android app built, as doing so can more than double your reach.

Fortunately, iOnline can assist in both areas. We develop both iPhone/iPad apps and applications for Google’s operating system and would be happy to device a custom proposal for you around any combination of the two platforms.

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