Creating Perfectly Sized Images on your Socials

Do you want to know two of the most distracting mistakes I believe a lot of businesses make with their social media presence? It’s incorrect image sizing on profiles and posts, coupled with an inconsistent style and themes across all their networks.  You really want the same feel and mood on your socials as you have on your main website.  Luckily this is easy to resolve.

We know that visual content on social media can and is very effective for increasing engagement with your audience. According to HubSpot –

  • Facebook posts that feature photos account for 87% of interactions on the site. (eMarketer)
  • Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% more retweets than those without. (Buffer)
  • Even tweets that only have a link to a photo or video receive a boost in retweets averaging 35% and 28%, respectively. (Twitter)
  • In 2014, 70% of marketers planned to increase their use of original visual assets like infographics and memes. Visual content also ranked first among content types marketers want to learn more about. (Social Media Examiner)

Theme, Style and Mood.

First things first, before image size is even talked about you need consistency with your presence. I won’t be going in-depth into this today, perhaps in a future blog, I will get a chance to cover it better. Here are the basics.

What happens if your site does not use styles and themes to give a defined mood and feel? You end up having no consistent flow & feel across all your mediums. This can also cause your branding and business presence to seem disjointed, slapped together or downright confusing.

You want all roads that lead back to your website to be branded and themed in the same manner as your website. Giving the user a consistent and flowing feel from start to finish, whether they come from twitter, Instagram or Facebook, they should be a consistent feel of colour and styles and of course images.

This does not mean you can’t have other looks at times, but make it flow back. If you’re doing a holiday-themed marketing campaign, then plan on doing it to all your social media networks and continuing it on your website.

At the end of the day, no matter what the medium you want all your customers to have the same branding and feel throughout their experience with your business.

This can be achieved in many ways – consistent fonts, styles, graphics and colour will always help this. Optimizing your social network accounts will go a long way to doing this. Make sure you have a consistent theme and profile pics across all your socials.

Optimal Image Dimensions for your Social Media.

This can be a little confusing not only do most people think you have to be Photoshop savvy, but you also need to know a whole catalogue of different image sizing’s to post correctly on the different social networks.

It can easily be put into the “too hard basket” and we can find a lot of business using the same graphics with incorrect sizings across all their networks. Although the theme and style might be correct and in line with their website, a graphic used on Facebook is going to be different to what you would use on Instagram or Twitter, and different again if they were for paid advertising.

The classic one I see all the time is their business logo not fitting in their Facebook profile image. Now, this is not hard to do properly and it makes such a difference in how a potential customer will perceive there first interaction with your company.

This is not hard to fix! Even for those people that can’t Photoshop or use an image editor, you have a whole lot of really cool tools available online for free that will helping you creating, correctly sizing and even sharing on your socials. I will give you a list of tools at the end of this blog that I believe are the best ones.

For those of use that know Photoshop enough to prep your own images.

I have also linked a great cheat sheet for the latest 2015 Image sizings from Constant Contact.

I have also created for you a downloadable set of Photoshop images based off these dimensions that you can freely use as templates to create your own posts or profile pictures for your business. Just pic the network and choose the size and your all set.

So what about those cool tools you spoke of!?

OK Here is a list of some great tools to do all sorts of images for social media.

All Networks
  1. Canva – A great all in one start to finish program for non-designers. This tool makes image creation super easy with premade templates, a drag and drop interface and the ability to upload your images. Even does infographics.
  2. AP Social Media Image Maker – This is a great tool, even for those of us that know how to Photoshop our way out of trouble. This is simple and easy to user and you can choose what graphic you want to make on which network and upload your content to suit. I use this tool a lot for on the fly posts.
  3. Social Image Resizer Tool – this is also one of my go-to tools, If I have a photo I just need cropped or resized to fit a post this is a quick and easy tool for all your socials.
  4. Pablo – Good little program for making social posts more than anything else, very basic tools, you can upload your own images and at txt plus a few effects.
For Facebook
  1. TimelineCoverBanner – is a free online tool for quickly creating a cover banner for Facebook. You can use it to create that custom cool-looking Facebook profiles. This is worth a look, even if you are a designer.
  2. Easy Cover Maker – Another great tool for your profile cover photo and profile picture. You can actually use layers (multiple photos).
For Twitter
  1. Header Cover – Some great features and a fairly simple to use tool for creating header images which is the section that contains your bio info and profile pic.
  2. Free Twitter Designer – This is a basic tool for creating the background.
  3. Themeleon – This tool is officially supported by Twitter. Access via the Design tab on your Twitter settings page, there is a link to there site.


And lastly a very detailed Infographic on image sizing provided by  Digital Information World which is a great reference to bookmark.

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