Christmas Marketing: Spread the Fun, Track the Data

When it comes to marketing and creating seasonal themes for your business or organisation around Christmas time, there is no magic formula.  You have a sense of who your audience is, you know the branding and culture of your business, and the rest is up to you.  As with anything, Christmas theming your business – that is, your website, your social media and so forth is yet another way of communicating with your customers.  You might like to go all out with fun Christmas decorations, memes, videos and promos.  Or you might like to keep it light and beautiful and still impactful.

Don’t forget about humour! It’s the holidays and we all want to feel good. So make everybody feel good with clever, funny, well-placed Christmas memes.  These can make someone smile and perhaps end up follow you.  You have the opportunity to create awareness about your business from those who might not have considered doing business with you before, but just might do so now they know about you.

What matters is that you are genuine in the way you convey the fun, and also keep the consistency across all communication channels in the way you celebrate this holiday time of the year.  Chances are that if it resonates well with you, your customers will receive it in the spirit in which it was intended.  It is a way of adding humor, making things a bit more informal than usual, capturing some emotion and building on the trust you have already created with your audience.  The sincerity behind all this will shine through brightly… so get into the spirit!

In this Christmas Marketing series, we have given you tips and tricks to get into and enjoy the silly season while engaging your customers.  We have shown you how to Update your digital branding and imagery for the festive season , Seasonal Design Posts and Motion Graphics, Prepare Your Promos [hyperlink to blog], New Year Promos and Partnerships [hyperlink], and eMail Marketing Preparation [hyperlink].

Watching Your Statistics on the Fun

But behind all the fun and creativity of celebrating the end of year with your customers, it is, as always, important to keep track of the data of all you do.  Keep an eye on the statistics, and analyse the data across the various platforms so you know what does and doesn’t work. Google Analytics is a great online tool with which to do this.

To keep track of Facebook, look to the Facebook Business ManagerInstagram has its own basic insights too.  Other platforms for social media insights include SproutSocial, Picture, and Tap Influence among others.

If you wanted to go even further with data capture and analysis which goes beyond what is available on Google Analytics, there are also paid alternatives for social media, which include Buzzsumo, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

Keeping track of data and analysis is how you can see trends, so always note your analytics while conducting any social media campaign.  See what works and what flops and remember to leverage anything that jumps out.  Focus on that. Come the next holiday period such as Easter, or next year’s Christmas, and you will be a complete expert!

Enjoy the lead-up to Christmas, don’t forget to prepare for New Year’s campaigns directly afterwards and reap the benefits of making the effort to do something good for your business or organisation.  And Merry Christmas from iOnline!

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