Christmas Marketing: Seasonal Design Posts and Motion Graphics

Now is the time to design your post with the Christmas period in mind: even only a graphic that wishes people happy holidays or a Merry Christmas. By acknowledging the season, you are showing your customers you are getting into the spirit of the end of the year: a time when things get a bit more fun and a bit more informal.

But if Photo-shopping your images is beyond your skill and ability, there is still a very easy way to get the pictures you need.  We recommend using Canva and playing around with some image designs and clever quotes about the season. You might even throw in a cute picture of a Santa puppy or kitten in there to tug at heartstrings and get in an emotional angle.  This is particularly great to use across social media channels.

Motion Graphics are a Thing

In case you haven’t noticed, video and motion graphics are used increasingly more to get more attention than static images.  You can either tweak an existing video or make a brand new one to acknowledge the Christmas holiday period.  Why not make a timeline video to celebrate all that has happened in your business the previous year?  It’s a great way of sharing all that you’ve achieved before the new year starts afresh.

Some of the best online motion graphics editing tools include Adobe Spark, Moovly, Biteable and Animaker. And they are easier to use than you think, so give them a go and get your graphics moving and your marketing efforts more noticed.

It’s even simpler to download HyperLapse or Boomerang from Instagram and create original content quickly and beautifully.

Christmas marketing

Christmas Blogging

Now is the time to put up some blogs onto your website to alert your customers about current and upcoming promotions and even shut down times.  It’s a way to keep your customers up to date with what is happening with your business, especially those who regularly buy your products or use your services.

Make the connection between your products, services or specialist knowledge to Christmas and come up with relevant, interesting content to share with your customers. Share your blogs on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and post updated holiday operating hours on Google My Business (GMB).

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