Christmas Marketing: Updating your digital branding and imagery for the festive season

With Christmas beckoning just around the corner, it’s time to put your business in the spirit of the season and give it an appropriate look.  That includes sprucing up your profile picture and cover photo.

Think about your core business and give it an appropriate Christmas make-over that you can then roll out across all your networks: such as website, social media, and online with Google My Business (GMB).  Just choose a theme and go for it!

Images, Images, Images

Put your Photoshop skills to good use and decorate your existing profile pictures or logos with a Santa hat, or just use the Christmasy red, white and green colors to denote the silly season.  You might get really decorative with all manner of fun images such as Santa, Santa’s helpers, reindeer, sled, Christmas trees and stockings and so on.  Or keep it simple yet beautiful with an iconic symbol such as a Christmas star, snowflake or Christmas present. You can make it funny, warm and fuzzy or classy, nostalgic and reflective.  There is room for any of these themes to be used to great effect, so long as they remain congruent.

But if Photoshop isn’t a strong point for you, there are still plenty of clever ways to get those Christmas images up there and looking fantastic.

You could access one of many websites which offer royalty-free images and fonts which already reference Christmas and end of year holiday themes.  Try some of these: Freephotos, UnsplashGratisography, Pexels, Myfonts, Site builder report, Burst, Pixabay or Stocksnap.  This is just to get you started because there are plenty more similar sites you can simply google.

Once you have an image you are happy with, the next most important thing is to ensure these are sized correctly before uploading them onto your various platforms.  It’s good and well to have a fabulous image, but incorrect sizing will show your picture stretched, bunched up, showing blank space where an image should be and generally looking out of proportion and odd.

Reference what is required for each of the platforms, including Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more by visiting our blog Creating Perfectly Sized Images on Your Socials.

There is plenty more to be done around Christmas marketing, but if you are too pressed for time to do anything else, getting your seasonal imagery up is a great step to take.

Check out the other of our Christmas marketing series, also keep on the look out for further articles in this series to help you with your marketing over the Christmas period

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