Christmas Marketing: Preparing Your Digital Promotions


Everyone loves a freebie on coveted services and goods.u00a0 That this helps engage your audience is a no-brainer.u00a0 In particular, Instagram and Facebook are well established as a social media platform on which the equivalent of word of mouth can spreads like wildfire, and everybody loves an easy-to-enter competition with a chance to win.u00a0

But itu2019s not enough to have an enticing prize.u00a0 To capture maximum attention from the widest possible audience you will need to start with an eye-catching image.u00a0 The image should engage not only existing clients or social media followers but crucially, those who have never engaged with your business before.u00a0 If you are running a Christmas competition, you have plenty of options to make this a whole lot of fun, so get creative.u00a0

The competitions are easy to conduct when you have Facebook or Instagram comment giveaways. Just keep the question simple, such as u201cwhat do you love most about Christmas?u201d.u00a0 You will need to put the question and instructions as well as the prize on the image, so limit the amount of text so the image doesnu2019t get too cluttered and off-putting.u00a0 Keep it simple. The competition for Instagram can also be to tag, repost or follow

Itu2019s worth taking the time to work on the overall image, ensuring itu2019s enticing and easy to see.u00a0 Aside from Instagram and Facebook, you can then size it up according to different social media platform image size requirements and post it to across all of your socials such as Twitter and Google Plus.u00a0 On Twitter, the competition can be dependent on retweeting and following, so include the instructions onto the tweet itself with a hashtag as required.

Again, be clear on your instructions.u00a0 You could also do the same with Google Plus comments or comments on YouTube if you would like to make a video.u00a0 It all depends on the number of prizes you have and how far you would like to spread the social media net, remembering to keep track of everything and announce the winner or winners at the end as soon as the competition finishes.u00a0

If that sounds too complex, simply focus on your biggest one or two social platforms and confine it there.

Other Promos

Christmas is the ideal time of the year to do sales promotions, seeing as it is the biggest buying time of the year.u00a0 You have plenty of options of what to do, but here are just a few good ones to get you started:

  • Early bird sales
  • Limited quantity or one day only sales
  • Free shipping (but remember to put conditions in for overseas shipping)
  • Buy one, get one free
  • General discounts. X amount or percent off a certain product, range or service
  • Illustrate your promo with an eye-catching image and to maximise your reach
  • Repost, retweet and share your promos and several times per day. People may miss it the first few times, so keep going.
  • Running give away on social media in line with seasonal promotions. Great for Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram audiences to increase engagement
  • Develop Seasonal promotions either in store or via your shopping cart, then advertise with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram (depending the audience we are targeting) Donu2019t forget to run promotions and offers on your Google my Business as well

With so many options, you are spoilt for choice and limited by your imagination as to what promos you decide to run.u00a0 But as always, remember to keep close track of data to see what does and doesnu2019t work and donu2019t be afraid to try out promos you hadnu2019t conducted before.

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