Christmas Marketing: New Year Promotions & Partnerships

With all the commotion about Christmas, it’s sometimes easy to forget the new year is only a week after Christmas Day. That is to say, when planning your Christmas campaign – such as images, promotions, social media campaigns and so on, it’s important to simultaneously plan for New Year’s promotions as well. So, while you are coming up with ideas for Christmas, also think of other ways you can continue to move past into the new year without, making it easier for yourself by simply switching out the campaigns straight after Christmas. Depending on your business or products, this may work in very well with the new years resolution mindset as we cross over into a fresh new year.

Partner with a Cause

The end of year holiday period is a time for giving. It’s when you may consider giving back a portion of your year’s prosperity to charities or to those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is not only great for the community, but as a bonus, is good for business and brand reputation and has the potential to engage a much wider audience, particularly at this time of year. You may even motivate other businesses and individuals to follow suit and help a cause that is important to you. That may include a donation to the homeless, to charities to aid the sick, to victims of natural disasters, fundraisers for research into cures for terminal illnesses, or to animal rescue organisations.

Once you decide and move to be involved in a fundraiser or make a donation, let your customers know about it through your website and social media channels and keep them updated on progress so people can see the good work you and your business is doing outside of your core business function. It is a feel-good way of getting involved in a wider sphere of the community and is the ultimate expression of the spirit of Christmas.

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