Christmas Marketing: Email Marketing Preparation

Being a major buying time of the year, Christmas is the time to really ramp up your communications and keep your customers engaged. It’s a good time to prepare email communications which not only promote competitions, discounts and other promos, but to get your customers to engage with your social media platforms with a view to gaining more followers, and ultimately, more customers.

Ask your customers questions about your products, start a conversation about what they’re doing for Christmas, get them to post their holiday snaps. Just get them involved. If you are an online-only business, it’s a way to put faces to names and personalises the process at a time of year when people are letting their hair down and it’s particularly appropriate to do so. It’s just way to remind them you are still there, and perhaps the communications may jog their memory to do business with you again soon.

Get into the Christmas Spirit

How do your business offerings tie in to the Christmas holidays? How do your products relate to the festive season? The answers to these questions will help you produce relevant content and competitions during this time.

One of the most important points to remember when devising your communications around the Christmas period is ETC. That is, Emotion, Themes and Colours. When it comes to emotion, you may like to use humour, or promote a sense of nostalgia about Christmas (the evocation of childhood memories). Themes relate to the overall look and feel of the campaign: let’s say using a Christmas mascot such as a puppy in a santa hat, or on-trend decorated Christmas scenes for some interior styling inspo. Think of how this relates to you, get them right and you are half way there.

Whether you choose to do something that is tried and tested or venture out to do something quite new, always remember to keep track of the data. Your email send-outs should be linked to metrics which let you know how successful your campaign was, such as percentage of emails opened, click throughs to offers, or conversely the number of those who have opted out. Analyse what worked and what didn’t with your audience and plan your next email marketing send-out accordingly.

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