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WordPress is Open-source website creation tool. We build your site or create custom plugins for your existing site.

Gold Coast WordPress Development, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency
What Can iOnline Do?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool. Its most likely one of the easiest, and most powerful blogging and website content management systems out there. We have been performing WordPress Development for just about as long as WordPress has been around. It allows users to easily add, edit and remove pages, blog posts, images, and media on their website. It is incredibly powerful because of its open-source nature meaning that developers from around the world can contribute and develop plugins which serve specific functions. WordPress is very flexible in the way its pages can be developed to look any way you want.

WordPress Development, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

WordPress Website Development

iOnline’s experienced web development team has extensive training and knowledge in the WordPress CMS Framework. Using this knowledge, they are able to create, alter, or amend new designs, content, and plugin functionality to WordPress websites.

WordPress Development, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Customised Themes

WordPress themes are essentially to the layout and design of the website. Along with with the WordPress Framework generating the website content behind the scenes.

Our team specialises in creating customised, responsive themes for WordPress. That are W3C validated, are compatible on all major browsers, major operating systems and mobile devices. Using a customised theme means that you do not have to compromise on your company’s existing design & styles, and maintain a consistent marketing communications message through your online presence. Our themes are custom drawn and created from design consultations. The designs are coded by hand to ensure both maximum search engine ‘friendliness’ whilst at the same being truly representative of our clients.

WordPress Development, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Customised WordPress Plugin Development

One of the most prominent features of WordPress is it’s ‘extendibility’ – this means that many developers from around the world are able to contribute and develop their own plugins that serve specific purposes.

iOnline is no exception to this. Our technical team is able to consult with you and develop customised WordPress Plugins that can interact with WordPress, enhance your website’s functionality, or even interact with other third party services.

WordPress Development, Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

Maintenance and Patching

As WordPress has become the industry standard in website and content management systems, it has become extremely popular in the web development community.

No software is infallible and so as time progresses, vulnerabilities in the software are discovered which are then exploited by malicious users. To counteract this, iOnline offers a Monthly Maintenance and Patch service whereby:-

  • All the functionality of the website is tested by hand
  • All pages, images, forms and links are checked
  • The latest stable version of the WordPress installation is updated and maintained
  • All installed plugins are updated to their latest stable versions
  • A monthly report is sent detailing exactly what maintenance was carried out on the website

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