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iOS Application Development

Our iOS Apps integrate enterprise and in-app functions. This means that when you choose to let us develop an iOS app for you. It can integrate in-app purchasing, APIs and more. The iOS platform is by far one of the most popular platforms to launch an app on, as Apple generates more purchases than other platforms. When you let our expert team help with your project, you will receive an app designed to get the attention of this ready-to-engage market. We can even design web application for the IOS platform, call us to find out more.

Google Android Application Development

Android applications offer many of the above functionalities, but targets a mass adoption market instead of a niche or higher income one. As the Android operating system is open source, it is much easier to customise and give users full control over hardware and software elements. When we develop for Android, we ensure that the app leverages the benefits of this operating system, giving you an application that will give you the reach you want.

How can a Mobile App help my Business?

Mobile applications can be used for many purposes, including the following:
  • Displaying price lists to staff
  • Tracking working hours and time
  • Operating as a mobile storefront for your business
  • Sharing news and offers to a subscriber base at the push of a button
  • Presenting up-to-date menus with seasonal and unavailable items
  • Dividing up specials according to location
  • Offering photos and project updates directly to clients
  • Engaging a target market through a game, contest, or quiz
  • Brand & Business visibility – be on your users device, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Better User Experience

We can guarantee that our applications will provide your customers with a simple yet enjoyable user experience that is intuitive and easy to navigate, is able to provide necessary information to users effortlessly, and that can be personalised to the user.

iOnline can assist in the development of both iPhone/iPad apps and applications for Google’s operating system as well as Android applications for Samsung, Sony, LG, and LTC phones. We’d be happy to draft a custom proposal for you on a combination of the above platforms.

If you are a business in Queensland needing assistance with the above or are even a developer or agency needing help with additional work, contact the team at iOnline today.

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