Adobe Business Catalyst is Dead: What you need to know to exit this platform safely

In the spirit of innovation, in 2009 Adobe acquired a hosted all-in-one solution for building and managing business websites called Business Catalyst. Development of Adobe Business Catalyst was ceased in March 2018, no new trials could be created after June and no new sites were available for upgrade or purchase after 27th August 2018.

Adobe Business Catalyst

But what does this mean for those with existing sites on this platform?

Adobe initially announced an end of life timeline of 2020, but has now extended this to March 26th 2021 to ensure sufficient time for their clients to download their data and move to a different platform.

  • After this date, all the data will be deleted
  • Your email and newsletter features will also cease at this time.
  • There will be no extra extensions

How to ensure a smooth transition

By now, March 2021 is just over 2 years away, and while that may seem like plenty of time to make a plan, don’t delay until the last minute.

Not only will your site remain static until that date as no new features will be implemented, but you also want to ensure that your existing data is safe and secure long before then.

Start planning your migration early to avoid panic and to maximise the chances of creating an even more productive and efficient solution going forward.

Map out your business requirements and future goals

Take this time to consider the role of your business website.

  • Has it met your expectations in terms of business sales and growth?
  • Were you achieving top organic search result rankings with your website?
  • Would you like to improve your SEO results or raise your profile in a niche or area?
  • What would you ideally like visitors to do as a result of visiting your site?

The importance of a business website

These days, a business website needs to do more than just showcase your products or services, should visitors wish to browse. Ideally, it should represent a productive member of your workforce.

Your website is often the first point of contact with your business and the place where customers expect to engage and fulfil their needs, whether that is for customer service that will lead them through to your physical building or to buy online. A website can represent your dashboard into analytics and insight, and be responsive to customer needs in real time.

Choosing a digital partner

Adobe Business Catalyst

Of course, you’ll want a team to help you migrate your site safely without losing any data and at the same time optimise your site for increased ROI going forward.

Before you decide, meet with a local agency and ensure that they understand your requirements and can offer an affordable solution that also improves your current website and boosts your business.

Remember, it’s not just a matter of design. Choosing the right platform to grow and operate your business well into the future takes careful consideration.

A seamless solution

If you would like a website that is more than an online brochure, expert web developers can configure a solution that is customised for your business and will make your website work for you, well into the future.

Imagine being able to integrate all your business systems into one seamless platform, where you can also analyse and run marketing campaigns.

At iOnline we are always here to help. No matter what size or type of business, there is a professional and affordable solution that will ultimately help you to generate revenue. If you would simply like to chat about how we can help you migrate safely from Adobe Business Catalyst, give us a call on 1800 466 546.

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