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We love talking to our customers, so if you need help using iCMS or checking that your website and email accounts are working correctly, don’t hesitate to contact the iOnline team directly.

That said, the following resources might help you to resolve issues directly. Giving you additional information that can help us to help you more efficiently.


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iOnline Support Center

Support Center – Do you need help with iCMS, iReach, domain registration or any of the services we provide? Our handy online support centre may help for any of the smaller and more frequently asked issues you may have.

Diagnostic Tools

Support Details – This tool is fantastic, and couldn’t be simpler to use. Just visit the site to find out, in seconds, what your IP address is. What browser version and operating system you’re using. Whether you have Javascript and Flash enabled, what colour depth and resolution your monitor is running and more. The site also makes it easy for you to save that information as a PDF file. You can even get emailed the summary directly through to one of our team members. – This site provides advanced insight into where your website is hosted, where your domain name is registered, when the domain is due to expire and what DNS settings you currently have in place.

DomainTools – Find out where your domain name is registered, who the admin contact is and which company is looking after your domain name’s DNS settings.

What’s My DNS? – If you’ve just had some DNS changes made (after moving your website or email server), use this tool to track how quickly those DNS changes are filtering through the internet.

cPanel Assistance

cPanel Video Tutorials – The vast majority of our clients (including all of those whose websites utilise the iCMS content management system) have access to cPanel. This powerful hosting control panel system enables customers to manage their email accounts, run backups, view website activity statistics and more. Those features can seem a little overwhelming at first – to the rescue on the link above comes a series of video tutorials produced by the cPanel team.

Email Account Configuration

When setting up a new email account. You will be asked by Outlook, Entourage, Microsoft Mail or your preferred email client to enter some particular pieces of information. Your username should be your email address, with a + symbol in place of the @ symbol. That is, if your email address was, your username would be Your inbound mail server will be formed by prefixing “mail” to the front of your domain name (eg

Perhaps the trickiest setting to determine is the outbound mail server. As many Australian ISPs don’t permit mail to be sent through any mail server other than their own. As such, your outbound mail server should generally be the one that is specified by your ISP. A list of outbound servers for popular Australian ISPs follows:

Row Internet Service Provider Outgoing (SMTP) mail server
2 Bigpond:
3 Blink Internet:
4 Dodo:
5 iiNet:
6 Internode:
7 iPrimus:
8 OntheNet:
9 Optusnet:
10 Ozemail:
11 Three (3) Mobile:
12 TPG:
13 Virgin Mobile:
14 Vodafone Mobile:
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    © 2021 iOnline Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

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