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Project Approach

All aspects of iOnline’s business are geared towards assisting our clients and media audiences achieve more in less time.

Our design, development, hosting and domain registration services offer businesses the opportunity to forego employing additional in-house IT staff to develop and maintain critical business applications.

We strive to fit in with your business ‘family’ by learning all we can about your operation and your market, in order to better shape our design and development work to meet your particular needs.

Our specialty online marketing services are also geared towards lowering your company’s overheads, drawing on iOnline’s experience in search marketing, interactive media placement, affiliate program management and viral marketing to promote your products, services and brand effectively.

Making websites work

Any number of small web development companies can design you a pretty website.

iOnline differs in our two-pronged differentiation strategy, which is to focus on reliability and marketability in all projects we undertake. Our websites are designed and built from the ground up to be usable, reliable and to sell your products.

Whether you employ us at the start of your online venture, or to rescue an underperforming website from the abyss, we will ensure that – under our guidance and maintenance – your website becomes and remains a primary medium for communications and commerce.



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