Basic Website FAQ


  • Q1. What are page Requests?

    Page requests are how many times an element of a website is requested from the server. This could be a page, an image or some information that tells the browser how style up the fonts etc. The smaller the number the page requests. The less times the information has to be asked and so the site loads slightly quicker. A well designed website will minimize these by chunking a bunch of requests together at the same time through compression.

  • Q2. What is render blocking, Java script and CSS?

    Javascript is code to make things like buttons drop down, images to rotate and popups to pop up. CSS is the code used to tell the browser which fonts to use, how big they should be, their colours and so forth. CSS is also used to position elements like images on the webpage. When a site is loaded, it goes from the top to bottom loading elements in as it goes. A well designed website (wordpress built websites is the exception here).

    Will put all this Javascript and CSS at the bottom of the page to optimise the time it takes the site to load. If all the Javascript/CSS is at the top of the page, then you will see nothing but a white page while it loads, then everything will appear at once. If the Javascript/CSS is put at the base of the page, then all the images and such will load in first which is quicker and looks better.

  • Q3. What are Page redirects?

    Page redirects are a way of telling visitors to a site and search engines that a page that used to exist in an old location has moved to a different location. This is useful because web pages build up SEO equity over time. If a website gets recreated with different page names, this tells the search engines to transfer that equity to a new page.

  • Q4. What is browser caching?

    Browser caching is a way of telling browsers to keep copies of static files stored locally in their cache/storage. So they don’t have to re-download those elements each time. This increases website load speed.

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