5 Golden Tips For SEO Success

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Google’s SEO standards are always changing and fluctuating. It can be difficult to know which strategies to implement and which ones to leave at the door.

As SEO experts on the Gold Coast, we’re very familiar with some of the golden tips associated with Google’s SEO algorithm.

1. Add A Blog To Your Website

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, but blogs are great for SEO purposes! They provide you with a place to inject keywords onto your site, provide consumers with engaging and specific information about your business, and can be easily shared on various social media platforms to gain traction. If you already have a blog, are you posting to it enough? You should try and do a blog post at least once every two weeks at a minimum.

2. Frequently Clean Up Your Website

Think of your website as an office. It needs to be cleaned regularly. This cleaning process should include ridding your site of any unnecessary or outdated information and clearing your site of all spelling and grammatical errors. Ensuring your site is up to date, and squeaky clean will do wonders for your SEO!

3. Responsive And Mobile-Friendly

Does your site load in less than three seconds? Well, it should! Page speed is a determining factor in SEO, with fast page loading speeds being vital to search engines. It is considered one of the essential ranking factors. A slow page can be extremely frustrating and results in potential customers leaving your site and ultimately, not purchasing your product or service. It is a well known premise that a slow site translates to an untrustworthy site. You should also fully optimise your site for mobile browsing as more than half of internet browsers view websites from their mobile phones. It just makes sense!

4. Local, Local, Local!

There is a massive focus on local SEO. You may want to use keywords that include your location, e.g. ‘Gold Coast SEO Services’, to connect with more local searches. Publishing engaging and unique content also helps with increasing your online presence.

5. Go With A Professional SEO Company

While some business owners feel that they can manage their business’s SEO needs all by themselves, doing your own SEO is not the answer…unless you are a professional digital marketer.

Doing your own SEO means that you run the risk of blacklisting your site if you implement unsound SEO strategies. It is far more efficient to use a trustworthy SEO company to take care of all of your SEO needs.

There are many professional and trustworthy Gold Coast SEO services available, so there is no need for any DIY SEO.

Professional SEO companies implement various strategies to help increase your online presence and aid in growing your business. Content marketing is one important strategy that they implement in order to build brand authority and brand awareness for you.

Content marketing helps in providing consumers with what they are actively searching for. The contents and information that you provide your target audience can ultimately influence their purchase decisions. Favourable website content has the power to ensure that they will only purchase from you solely.

Using the most suitable keywords assists your website in ranking more favourably and thus, translating into increased traffic and potentially more business for you into the future. It is vital to continuously create individualised, eye catching, original and appealing content in order to keep engaging your customers and increase sales opportunities.

The Best SEO Professionals on The Gold Coast

Are you looking for SEO experts on the Gold Coast to elevate your brand? Do you want to take your business to new heights of success? Chat to the team at iOnline today to start discussing a customised SEO strategy for your business.


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