4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Initial Website Build

Author Paul Cookson once famously said that “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that”. It’s one of the reasons Gold Coast businesses need to put effort in when building a website for their business. But with elements at play such as SEO and web design, you need to have an organised game plan in place to create a cohesive whole that customers will be able to enjoy. This “enjoyment” has come to be known as UX (User Experience), and will set you apart from the rest.

If you are planning to build your website, we recommend paying attention to and integrating a few things into your development process before getting started. You’ll be less likely to have to make expensive, time-consuming adjustments once it’s completed.

  • Get your UX Design right:

The way your website design looks and works should be geared towards your user’s experience. Companies who optimised their UX design report that their profits increased by over a third, and a failure to have a site that works intuitively can lead potential customers to believe that you can’t do the job or (even worse) don’t care. Good UX design also ties in with our next point – responsive design.

  • Prioritise Responsive Design:

You should no longer be treating your mobile and desktop traffic separately. Research shows that mobile usage is the highest it’s ever been in Australia. Smartphones are now used by customers for research, purchases and sharing at any time in any place. If you aren’t optimising your website for tablets and smartphones, then you’re missing out.

  • Don’t forget SEO:

SEO is a tried and tested way to get your website noticed online and while search engine algorithms might change the way we approach SEO, its components of link building, content analysis, error fixing, keywords research, tag optimisation are just as important as they ever were.

  • Remember Inbound Marketing:

All the efforts you undertake to drive traffic to your website mean nothing unless you know what to do with that traffic once it gets there. Attraction is nothing without conversion and has the added bonus of being highly measurable so you’ll learn what works, what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.

Working with a template or design like WordPress is a great place for you to start implementing the above qualities into your next website build. The benefits of WordPress are that it provides a template that you can build on easily, and is easy to use and manage. So when you next need to build a website, it’s a good place to start.


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